Novel Coronavirus - COVID-19

Novel Coronavirus - COVID-19

Crest Hospital and COVID-19

If you are coming into Crest Hospital or the Specialist Centre as a patient, we want you to be assured that we remain aware of the continued risk from COVID-19. We understand that our people, our patients and the wider public will have concerns about being exposed to the virus.

We would like to ensure that everyone is aware of vital precautions that will be in place and which affect your access to our services.

Please only enter our hospital or Specialist Centre if you:

  • are well upon entering the hospital, including no symptoms of respiratory infection such as a cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, head cold symptoms (runny nose, sneezing) loss of sense of smell or a fever
  • if you have tested positive for COVID within the last three months please phone 021 242 0813 for advice regarding your admission/visit 
  • have not travelled overseas in the last 10 days
  • have not been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID in the last 10 days or is waiting for a COVID test result 

If we have any concerns that you do not meet the above screening criteria, your surgery/visit may be deferred.

COVID-19 screening

All patients will be required to have a Rapid Antigen Test on arrival at Crest Hospital. If the patient becomes symptomatic during their stay they will be RAT tested daily for the duration of their stay/visit.

A focus on your safety

We want to reassure everyone visiting Crest Hospital that we have robust systems and planned processes in place to protect the public at this anxious time.

Our team is monitoring the spread of COVID-19 closely and reacting quickly to any changes. We continue to prioritise the health and safety of our patients and families, employees, medical specialists and suppliers, as part of the wider effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within New Zealand.

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